Battle Honours of the Canadian Army

The Windsor Regiment (RCAC)

Highlighted Battle Honours are approved for emblazonment on the Regimental Guidon. Capitalized Battle Honours indicate the name of a group of battles, actions or engagements. Where common names but separate year dates created a combined battle honour title authorized as a single name for emblazonment, both have been highlighted.

Wars and Operations Battle Honour Date Remarks
South-West Asia
South-West Asia Afghanistan 

Announced 9 May 2014

Cede Nullis


Battle Honours of the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps
Battle Honours of the Royal Canadian Infantry Corps

Armour Corps Units:
Order of Precedence

  1. RCD
  2. LdSH
  3. 12 RBC
  4. GGHG
  5. 8 CH
  6. H R
  7. Ont R
  8. QY Rang
  9. Sher H
  10. 12 RBC (M)
  11. 1H
  12. PEIR
  13. RCH
  14. BCR
  15. SALH
  16. Sask D
  17. KOCR
  18. BCD
  19. FGH
  20. R de Hull
  21. Windsor R