The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Unknown Soldier

Valiant Canadian Son

Did you know the ridge was taken when you fell? Could you have died aware of the importance of the victory wrought by you and your fellow soldiers of the Canadian Corps? Were you alone, in that mud, where now the twin spires of a glorious monument to your sacrifice and your contribution to Canada's maturation as a nation now dominates the skyline? The mournful statue of Canada, weeping on the northern edge of the monument remembers, as do we, the great gifts of freedom you have given us. Now, at home on Canadian soil you rest, under the stolid gaze of soldiers of the Great War on the monument above, as they too strive towards a victory, seemingly visible to them but eternally beyond reach. And every November the nation will lay its thankful tribute at your resting place. You are the Canadian, stalwart patriot of Dominion and Empire, representing us all as you did in the mud of that hotly contested ridge. Our father, brother, son, uncle, cousin - we miss you, we mourn you, we thank you; for our freedom and the years of peace your death and so many, too many, others won for us.

Lest We Forget.

Michael O'Leary

December 2002

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Lest We Forget

Photos by Michael M. O'Leary
November 2002