The First World War
Officers of The Royal Canadian Regiment

Lieut Albert Augustus Allenback, M.C.

Soldiers of the First World War database entry - A.A. Allenback


M.C. Citation

SUPPLEMENT TO THE LONDON GAZETTE, 11 JANUARY, 1919. 651; 10 January 1919, Issue number: 31119, Page number: 651

Lt. Albert Augustus Allenback, R. Can.Regt., Nova Scotia Regt. - Preparatory to an attack he performed invaluable work in reconnoitring the crossing of a river. On the morning of the attack he crossed ahead of the battalion, through the enemy barrage, and at great risk reconnoitred the route to assembly position. Then he went forward and found our right un connected with the French. After crossing, the open under heavy fire he succeeded in establishing connection with the French, and returned to battalion headquarters with valuable information as to the dispositions of the troops. Throughout the first eight days of the operations he was continuously mployed on liaison work with the battalions in the front line. The resulting reports greatly facilitated the work of the battalion commander, and helped materially to the success of the operations.

Date of Birth - 21 Jul 1888; Cressona, Penn, USA

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