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Lieut. Guy Armstrong Beck

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GvR Memorial Cross Lieut. G.A. Beck

Lieut. G.A. Beck
Photo from the Canadian Bank of Commerce Letters from the Front, 1914-1919.


Lieut. Beck is buried in the Ecoivres Military Cemetery; Pas de Calais, France.

Canadian Virtual War Memorial: G.A. Beck

Canadian Bank of Commerce: Letters from the Front (1914-1919)

Beck, Guy Armstrong – Lieutenant. Born 20th April, 1893, at Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Father, John Beady Gwinnett beck, Accountant. Educated at Oshawa Public and High Schools. Entered the service of the Bank, 5th September, 1911. Enlisted, October, 1915, with the rank of Lieutenant. Joined The Royal Canadian Regiment in England, about Septemer, 1916, proceeding to France in October, 1916. Principal action: Vimy Ridge, 1917.

Killed in Action, 9th April, 1917.

(The Canadian Bank of Commerce volume also notes that Beck's brother, Darrell Alexander Beck, was also an officer of the bank who served in the CEF. D.A. Beck served with the Canadian Field Artillery in a Heavy Trench Mortar Battery. He survived the war and returned to service at the Bank.)

Date of Birth - 20 Apr 1893; Oshawa, Ontario

With appreciation to David Black, a member of the CEF Study Group, who discovered the photo and details on Lieut. Beck in the Canadian Bank of Commerce: Letters from the Front (1914-1919).

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