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Lieut. William John Hicks

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Lieut. William John Hicks

Lieut. William John Hicks (Nov. 1918)


The Connecting File, Vol XVI, No. 4, October 1937

The leters beloe refer to the passing of another Old Comrade, well known throughout the Regiment before the War. Mr William Hicks came to us with the Manchester Draft in 1907, and soon made himself known as a member of the famous and invincible football team which the Regiment had in pre-war days. Promotion was slow but in eight years Hicks was a Serjeant, and two years later received a commission in the field. He left the Regiment on its return to Canada in 1919.

The following is the body of a letter sent to the Regiment by Mrs Hicks, dated 6 Sep 1937:

I know my husband would like the older people in the R.C.R. to know that he passed away at 2.30 a.m. on Saturday the 4th of September [1937]. He was only in bed a week, although he had been ill off and on this last two years. During his last week he lived his happy life in the R.C.R. all over again. He was well-known in the Regiment as Ginger Hicks, and was Captain of the Regimental Football Team. His photo was also taken showing kit and hung in the rooms. I hope you will understand why I am writing to you but he loved the R.C.R. and all the high standard it stood for. My wreath to him is a football tied with R.C.R. colours. - Yours faithfully, (Sgd) Mrs J. Chisholm Hicks.

The following response was returned to Mrs Hicks, dated 16 Sep 1937:

Dear Mrs Hicks: I must thank you for your letter of the 6th September, and hasten to convey to you the deep and sincere sympathy of the whole Regiment in the loss of your husband. This loss we feel that we too share, for one who served, through peace and war wearing our badges, must be of the Regiment for the remaining days of his life.

May I add that those of us that knew your husband as an old comrade remember his excellent service as a soldier, and the part which he played in helping to make the football team all that it was in the days before the war.

Yours very sincerely
H.M. Logan, Major
for Officer Commanding
The R.C.R.

Date of Birth - 27 Apr 1888

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