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Lieut. Alvah Cressman Mills

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GvR Memorial Cross Lieut. Alvah Cressman Mills

Lieut. Alvah Cressman Mills; image published in the Calgary Daily Herald, 7 Nov 1917.

Lieut. Alvah Cressman Mills

Lieut. Alvah Cressman Mills (1918)


Calgary Daily Herald; 7 Nov 1917

Lieut. Cressman Mills, sone of Mr. and Mrs. James Mills, 3227 Sixth Street, Elbow Park, has been admitted to the hospital suffering from severe shell concussion. He left here with a draft for the Princess Pats, and was wounded last year. His brother, Ross Mills, is at a military hospital in Tooting with appendicitis. Lieut. Mills went overseas as a private and was given a commission after being wounded in action. He was a law student in Calgary and identified himself in athletic circles.

Recollections of a Nonagenarian of Service in The Royal Canadian Regiment (1916-19), by Robert England, M.C. (See full text)

In the Cambrai battle Lieut. Percy Beaumont gave splendid service. I recall him whistling his men and yelling "Taxi," when I'd pointed out the map locations, heads bobbing up and down and men moving quickly under his shrewd assessment of terrain and enemy shelling incidents. Later in the attack, he retrieved a bottle of rum from Lt. Mills just killed saying to me "Mills followed that tank too closely, risky to get too close but I had to get this water-bottle!" He offered me a drink but I noticed the mud and gore and it was unappetizing.

Lieut. Mills is buried in the Bucquoy Road Cemetery; Pas de Calais, France.

Canadian Virtual War Memorial:  A.C. Mills

Date of Birth - 20 Nov 1893

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