The First World War
Officers of The Royal Canadian Regiment

Brevet Captain George Alexander Henry Trudeau

Soldiers of the First World War database entry - G.A.H. Trudeau


Flight (RFC/RAF Magazine), 15 March 1917

"Flying Officers (Observers). - With seniority from April 23rd; Lieut. G.A.H. Trudeau, R. Can. R."

Flight (RFC/RAF Magazine), 28 June 1917

"Flying Officers.- Lieut. G. A. H. Trudeau, R. Canadian Reg., from a Flying Officer (Ob.), with seniority from April 30th, 1916."

Flight (RFC/RAF Magazine), 29 May 1919

"The following relinquish their commissions on ceasing to be employed:- 12 Dec 1918; Lieut. G.A.H. Trudeau, (Lieut., Nova Scotia R.)"

Date of Birth - 28 Oct 1891

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