Canadian Army Battle Honours

The System of Battle Honours in the Canadian Army, by T.J. Grodzinski

War of 1812

North West Rebellion Battle Honours

South African War Battle Honours

The First World War

The Second World War

Second World War Battle Honours (Conditions governing the award of battle honours to regiments of the Canadian Army.)

List of Theatres, Battles, Actions and Engagements in which Regiments of the Canadian Army Fought during the Second World War.

The Korean War

33-1 Battle Honours - United Nations Operations - Korea 1950-1953

South-West Asia

Canadian Army Units receiving the Battle Honour "Afghanistan" (announced 9 May 2014)

The Current State of Affairs.

Authorized List of Battle Honours (1999)

Battle Honours of the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps

Battle Honours of the Royal Canadian Infantry Corps

Battle Honours for Afghanistan?, by Dr Ken Reynolds, DHH 6-2 (Saved page image.)

Battle Honours of The Royal Canadian Regiment

1. How many Battle Honours?
"The Regiment has been awarded or perpetuates fifty-seven battle honours for specific distinguished actions and general actions on active service. Of these, twenty-five battle honour names have been approved for emblazonment on the Regimental Colour of each Battalion."

2. 1915: Bermuda and Belgium
"How then, is it that the Regiment has four battle honours for the First World War that predate the Regiment's arrival in France?"

3. Great War Battle Honours Revisited; 25 or 49?
"Should we not, as a Regiment proud of our history and heritage, take care that each separate battle honour awarded to each perpetuated unit is known and recognized as part of our regimental history?"