Badges of The Royal Canadian Regiment
1902 - 1911

The King Edward VII Badges of The RCR


Notes and References


General Order No. 17 of 1904 - The Royal Cypher

Published in the Canada Gazette

His Majesty has been graciously pleased to grant permission to the undermentioned units of the permanent corps to adopt as a badge the Royal Cypher surmounted with the Imperial Crown:—

Regimental Order No. 268

Regimental Order No. 268, by
Lt. Col. & Bvt. Colonel Lawrence Buchan, C.M.G., A.D.C.
Commanding The Royal Canadian Regiment,
Toronto, 18th January, 1904

Badges and Ornaments

1.     It is notified for general information that a final decision has been given authorizing "the Royal Cypher ensigned with the Imperial Crown" as a special badge for the Permanent Corps of Canada.

(This order confirmed the official use of the EviiR cypher for units of the Canadian Permanent Force which had previously worn the VRI cypher.)


Canadian Militia Dress Regulations 1907

Dress Regulations for The Officers of the Canadian Militia, Militia Department, 1907

Appendix I

Badges – Permanent Corps and Departments


RegimentRoyal Canadian Infantry
On ButtonsGilt plain with the Royal Cypher surmounted by the Imperial Crown
On Collar of Tunic, Mess jacket, Frock Coat, patrol JacketA Beaver on a scroll, inscribed the motto, Pro Patria, in relief
On Full Dress Head DressIn gilt or gilding metal an eight-pointed star, on the star a laurel wreath, within the wreath the Royal Cypher in relief on pebbled ground, and raised border, surmounted by the Imperial Crown. Star, 4 ¼ x 3 ¾ inches.
On Waist Belt


On the Pouch


On Puggaree and Cloth Forage CapSame as for collar badge
Service Dress, in BronzeAs for forage cap.
Special badges