Badges of The Royal Canadian Regiment
Regimental Standing Orders - 1967

Chapter II - Dress Regulations

Section 1 - General

201.04 Worn Accoutrements

Accoutrements that are worn to the extent that the basic design has been changed will be replaced.

201.05 Electroplating

All brass accoutrements will be electrooplated. The approved electroplating firm is Regimental Kit Shop. Wolseley Barracks.

Section 2 - Accoutrements

202.01 Badges, Cap

a.     The design of the cap badge is an eight pointed diamond cut star; upon the star a raised circle surmounted by the Crown; within the raised circle, the block letters "VRI", the Imperial Cypher of Queen Victoria.

b.     The following types of cap badges are worn by members of The Regiment.

(1)     The star in white metal. block letters VRI in silver, remainder in gold gilt - Officers and Warrant Officers.

(2)     The star in white metal, remainder of the badge in brass Non-commissioned officers and men.

(3)     Cloth embroidered badge - All ranks on combat cap, Cap FSOD and cap winter peaked.

c.     The badge will be centered on the front of the cap so that the lowest point of the star is just touching the upper edge of the chin strap.

202.02 Badges, Collar

a.     The design of the collar badge is the Canadian Beaver on a ground; below is a scroll bearing the motto "Pro Patria".

b.     The following types of collar badges are worn by members of the Regiment:

(1)     Silver: by Officers and Warrant Officers Class I on Nos 1A, 1B, 2B, 2C, 3A and 3B (not applicable to WOs I) Orders of Dress.

(2)     Electroplated Brass: by Officers and Warrant Officers Class I on Nos 4 and 5 Orders of Dress and by other ranks on No 2 and No 5 Orders of Dress.

202.10 Lockets, Belt

a.     The Regimental sealed pattern belt locket will be worn by all ranks with the 37 pattern web belt and by Warrant Officer Class II with sword sling belts.

b.     The belt locket worn by Senior Non-commissioned Officers and below will be a brass two-piece locket type buckle; left piece (female) with a plain polished surface, with the word PRO PATRIA at the bottom and the beaver couchant at the top; right piece (male) of grained finish with the Imperial Cypher (VRI) in the centre surmounted by a crown.

c.     Officers and Warrant Officers will wear a belt locket as described in para b. to this article, with the following exceptions: The male piece will be of plain polished brass and a silver Imperial Cypher (VRI) 1/4 inch in height mounted below the crown.

202.13 Shoulder Titles

a.     The following types of metal shoulder titles are worn by members of The Regiment. The title will be centred flat on the shoulder strap with bottom touching base of strap.

(1)     Silver, 3/8" high, 1 7/16" wide - by officers.

(2)     Gilt Metal, 9/16" high, 1 7/16" wide - by officers and Warrant Officers Class I on shoulder straps of patrol jacket, service dress and greatcoat and also on olive drab shirt slipons by officers only.

(3)     Brass, 9/16" high, 1 7/16" wide - by all other ranks on patrol jacket, summer service dress and greatcoat.

b.     The cloth shoulder title as described below will be worn as indicated:

Cloth - on a blue background with a 1/8" black border, the words "THE ROYAL CANADIAN REGIMENT" in gold letters 3/8" high. Dimensions - Height 1 1/2", width 5". Worn by all ranks on battledress and armlet. The title will be machine sewn on the battledress even with the shoulder seam, with the letter "R" in the word "ROYAL" centrally positioned.

202.14 Sticks

a.     All Officers will carry a swagger stick of dark malacca cane with a silver ferrule and ball knob. Overall length will be 26 1/2 inches. The Regimental Crest will be mounted centrally on the top of the knob. When the stick is placed under the left arm the ferrule will be to the front.

b.     All Warrant Officers will carry regulation Ordnance pattern pace sticks.

c.     All Senior Non~commissioned Officers will carry a drill cane which will be sand coloured malacca. 33 inches long with a white metal ferrule and knob. Reproduction of the cap badge on the knob will be 7/8 inch in diameter. The ferrule will be 1 inch in diameter at the knob and taper to 3/4 inch at the ferrule.

d.     Junior Non-commissioned Officers carry a swagger stick of Regimental pattern which will be 26 inches in length, a dark malacca cane with white metal ferrule and knob. The Regimental cap badge 7/8 inch in size will be embossed centrally on the side of the knob. The knob will be I 3/4 inches in length, the ferrule 3/4 inch.

e.     Sticks will not be carried on a Commanding Officers parade.

Section 3 - Items of Dress and Method of Wear

203.05 Blazer Crests

Sealed Regimental pattern blazer crests will be worn as follows:

a.     Imperial Cypher (VRI) - By Officers and Warrant Officers Class I

b.     Regimental Cap Badge - Warrant Officers Class II and Senior Non-commissioned Officers.

c.     Regimental Collar Badge - Junior Non-commissioned Officers and men.

203.06 Cap, Coloured Forage

The coloured forage cap will be worn by Officers and Warrant Officers Class I as follows:

a.     When Nos 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 2C, 3A and 3B Orders of Dress are worn.

b.     With Nos 4 and 5 Orders of Dress when Orders, Decorations and Medals are worn.

c.     With Nos 4 to 7 Orders of Dress when on parade with other ranks who are wearing coloured forage caps.

203.07 Cap, Khaki Forage

The khaki forage cap will be worn by Officers and Warrant Officers Class I with Nos 4, 5, 6 and 7 Orders of Dress when neither ceremonial nor other non-ceremonial headdress is ordered.

203.11 Lanyards

a.     Regimental blue single cord lanyard 33 1/2 inches in length, with a loop at one end, and snap fastener at the other will be worn on the left shoulder of Nos 6, 7 and 8 Orders of Dress by all Officers, Warrant Officers and Non-commissioned Officers w1th issue whistle attached.

b.     Method of wear is to have the end with the loop pass under the arm, the end with the snap fastener over the shoulder, then through the loop into the pocket at a point closest to the armpit.