Badges of The Royal Canadian Regiment
Blazer Badges

Pre-2009 RCR Blazer Crests

Post-2009 RCR Blazer Crests

Notes and References

Members of The RCR may wear a regimental blazer as walking out dress or at any time when 'jacket and tie' is an appropriate order of dress.


Auth: Amdt No. 14, RCR Standing Orders 1927, Appendix 2, Part I, Orders of Dress, New Paragraph - 9.

9.    Regimental Blazer (optional)

WOs and Sgts as for officers except that the cap-badge will be worn, instead of the crest, cap-badge to be 2 1/2" in diameter, made gold and silver thread.


The Connecting File, April 1961 - DRESS NOTES

Blazer Crests:  Sealed regimental pattern blazer crests will be worn as follows:

a.    Officers and Warrant Officers Class I - Regimental Crest.

b.    Warrant Officers Class II and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers - Regimental Cap Badge.

c.    Junior Non-Commissioned Officers and Men - Regimental Collar Badge.


Regimental Standing Orders

As of Dec 2007, Regimental Standing Orders provides the following guidance:


The design of the Regimental blazer will be as follows:

a.     midnight blue flannel, single (or double) breasted, of conventional cut with two or three 30 ligne Regimental buttons down the front, (two or three on each side), patch type breast pocket with appropriate blazer badge, two or three 26 ligne buttons and button holes on each sleeve; and

b.     when wearing a Regimental blazer, it is customary to wear a white shirt, Regimental tie, medium grey flannel trousers, black socks and black shoes.


The following Regimental badges (metal thread, embroidered) are approved and shall be worn on Regimental blazers:

a.     Officers and CWOs - "VRI" cypher surmounted by the Imperial Crown;

b.     MWOs, WOs and Sr NCOs - Regimental cap badge;

c.     junior NCOs and privates - Regimental collar badge; and

d.     Association members - Regimental blazer badge as entitled by their rank, or the Association badge, which is the Regimental cypher with the word "ASSOCIATION" beneath in gold thread.


Single Regimental Blazer Crest

In May 2009, the Regimental Senate of The RCR decided to retire the current four versions of the regimental blazer crest. In their place, the Regiment would adopt a single blazer crest for all ranks, serving and retired.

The new crest would be the full regimental cypher (crown, "VRI", and scroll). This would be produced in two versions, an embroidered bullion version for wear on regimental blazers, and a metallic pin-back version whch could be worn on any jacket or, for ladies, equivalent clothing. (As of 23 May 2009, these versions were both in final production stages before mass production.)

Any member of the Regiment wearing an old pattern blazer crest at the time of the change was permitted and encouraged to continue wearing their present crest until wear required a change.


The New Regimental Blazer Badge, 2010

First proposed to the Regimental Executive Committee in 2008, the replacement of the four existing blazer badges with a common design to be worn by all ranks, serving and retired, was approved by the Regimental Senate of The RCR in 2010. Those members of the Regiment wearing an older pattern of badge could continue to do so, replacing it only when their badge needed to be replaced through normal wear.

The new regimental blazer badge is in the pattern of the full regimental cypher (crown, "VRI", and banner). This has the distinct advantage over the rank-based badges in prior use in that the design includes the regimental name.

The new blazer badge is produced in two versions. The first, an embroidered badge, can be sewn onto a blazer picket. The second pattern, in metal, was produced to give members of the Regiment the option of having abazer badge that does not require to be permanently affixed to a blazer (or other appropriate item of wear for ladies). (A new regimental lapel pin of matching design and finish was also created.)