From the regimental journal of The Royal Canadian Regiment; The Connecting File, 1964 Edition.

Officers are at all times, and under all circumstances, accountable for the maintenance and observation of good order and rules of the Service, according to the powers granted to them by their Commissions, and it is their duty to afford in these respects, aid and support to the Commanding Officer, who is responsible for the preservation of discipline and due subordination. The example of ready obedience and of zealous and cheerful execution of orders on the part of Officers, cannot fail to have a beneficial influence on the conduct of the men, nor can anything tend to promote more effectual respect from rank to rank and to establish that chain of responsibility which is so essential to the efficiency of a Regiment.

An Officer is never truly supported and obeyed by his subordinates unless he is known to be determined; nor, however excellent in their respect, can he properly command men if unable to obtain their affection or incite their enthusiasm.

Officers must be careful to inspect every return or document to which they sign their names, as by attaching their signature they become responsible for the accuracy of their contents.

It is therefore a duty to cultivate the spirit of unanimity and good fellowship among themselves.

A regular discipline, a concern for his interests, a knowledge of his character and attention to the wants and difficulties, will generally ensure from the soldier to the Officer a cheerful and ready obedience.

It is an Officer's duty to check any deviations from the Standing Orders of the Regiment, and they must pay attention to the conduct and appearance of non-commissioned officers and men permitting no one to pass them without saluting, and never omitting to return the salute.

They must be punctual in attending parades and duties at the specified hours, and on no account absent themselves from them without the sanction.

They must strictly conform to the regulations respecting dress.

No Officer will make a present or loan money to his platoon, or individual or to any men of the Regiment collectively, or give them a dinner or other treat, without his Commanding Officer's sanction.

Officers should at all times treat non-commissioned officers with civility and attention, and refrain from reprimanding them in the presence of the men. They should avoid any altercation with drunken men. Officers, when addressing NCO's will invariably use correct rank, for example, "Cpl Smith, Sgt Jones", not "Smith and Jones".

It is the responsibility of all Officers, particularly the Seniors, to attend to the general conduct of the Officers Mess. Punctuality on dinner nights will be strictly observed, and Officers will appear correctly dressed. Mess bills will be paid by the 8th of each month. Officers, whatever their rank, in the presence of guests and visitors are hosts and will behave as such. Officers are to realize that, while serving members of the Regiment, they have inherited valuable, useful and beautiful silver, pictures and other property. They should appreciate them and look after them accordingly.

The custom of the Regiment regarding saluting Officers is as follows:

(a)     All Officers, Major and above, and the Adjutant, are saluted by subordinates on all occasions.

(b)     Captains receive compliments from subalterns at the first and last meeting of each day.

(c)     Officers visiting offices occupied by an Officer will salute on entering and leaving the office, even when the Officer being visited is junior to the visitor.

Nothing contributes more essentially to the good appearance of the Regiment, or is more called for as an example to the Non-Commissioned Officers and the Pte Soldiers, than uniformity and neatness in the dress of Officers.