The Royal Canadian Regiment
"A" Company Standing Orders - 1918


All Officers in reporting will acquaint themselves with all orders; General, Command, Battalion and Company, also with the Officers Mess Rules which will be found hung up in the Ante Room.

Routine and Duties.

All Subaltern Officers will attend Company Office daily and the next two for duty on the Company Orderly Officers list will also attend Battalion Orderly Room.

Officers will be detailed to a definite Platoon and will be responsible for everything concerned in that Platoon. They will visit the Huts occupied by their men each day and inspect the Kits of every man at least once a week, they will also bring to the attention of the Company Commander any shortages and repairs or requirements in clothing, Equipment or Barrack Equipment within their Command.

Special attention will always be paid to the condition of mens boots.

They will initial each N.C.O.'s hut book daily and will see that every man has a name card and a Bath card, (properly) entered up, pinned to their shelf.

Company Orderly Officer.

A Company Orderly Officer will be detailed each day, his duties are as follows:-

1.     To visit each Hut at Reveille and see that the men are up cleaning their Huts.

2.     Attend Breakfast Parade.

3.     Render a report to the Orderly Room before 8.00 a.m. that they inspected the Huts at Reveille.

4.     Attend Company Office.

5.     Attend Dinner, Tea and Supper Parades.

6.     He will not leave Camp during his tour of duty and is not allowed to have another Officer answer for him without permission of the Company Commander.

7.     He will acquaint the Company Orderly Sergeant where be can be found at any time,and will be responsible that any Officers who are out of Camp are recalled if needed. For this purpose Officers will leave their addresses in the Address Book in the Company Office, together with the name of the runner who can find him.

8.    He will enter any punishment awarded by the Company Commander that day, or by the C.O. the previous day in the Field Conduct Sheet and place them in the Book.

9.     If a clothing or pay parade is held on the day he is on duty he will attend except when it clashes with some other duty when he will warn the Officer next for duty.

10.     The Company Orderly Officer attending Clothing parades is responsible for the correctness and fitting of all clothing &c issued to the men of the Company.

11.     He will insist on boots being put, on and laced up and walked in, also the attendance of the Master Tailor.

12.     If an Officer is unable to carry out his duties as Company Orderly Officer for any reason, he will notify the Company Commander and also the Officer on whom the duty will fall. An Officer may exchange duties with another Officer providing he asks permission of the Company Commander to do So at least twenty four hours beforehand. Except under exceptional circumstances he will not ask permission for another Officer to answer for him.

Dress, etc.

Subaltern Officers will not unless actually riding wear leggings, Field Boots or Spurs.

R.C.R. Officers will not shave the upper lip.

All Officers will carry sticks at all times except on Battalion Parades.


All Officers must be acquainted with the fire orders and must note in Battalion Orders the number required for fire party, and fire picquet when Company is on fire duty.


Officers will not smoke pipes in the lines or when proceeding to and from the lines.

Pro Patria