Standing Orders of
The Royal Canadian Regiment

The RCR Standing Orders
Appendix 2.


Nothing in this Appendix is to be interpreted as authority for the wearing of Coloured Clothing, but reference is made thereto for guidance when the same may be duly authorized.

I          Orders of Dress.

1.         Roll Call Order.

Summer. Service dress without belts and without puttees.
Winter. As for Summer, with puttees, greatcoats and mitts.

2.         Walking-Out Order.

(a)        Coloured Clothing. Scarlet tunic or serge as ordered, blue trousers, belt and swagger stick.

(b)        Khaki. Roll Call Order with belt and swagger stick.

Non-commissioned officers of and above the rank of Serjeant will wear side-arms and carry a drill cane.

3.         Fatigue Order.

(a)        If leaving barracks or camp. Roll Call Order with canvas clothing neatly rolled and carried under the right arm.

(b)        If remaining in barracks or camp. Canvas clothing.

4.         Drill Order.

(a)        Service dress with puttees, belt, side-arms, rifle and sling.

(b)        With braces. As (a), with braces and pouches. Braces crossed left over right. Buckles 1 inch below and behind shoulder straps.

5.         Battle Order.

As for Drill Order (a), with braces, pouches, haversack and water-bottle. Water-bottle on belt. Haversack on back, bottom in line with middle of belt. Buckles on braces slid down to meet top of haversack. Articles in haversack as ordered.

6.         Marching Order.

As for Drill Order (a), with complete web equipment. Buckles on braces one inch behind shoulder straps.

7.         Church Parade Order.

(a)        Coloured Clothing. Scarlet tunic, blue trousers, side-arm and medals.

(b)        Khaki.

Summer. As for Drill Order (a), without rifle and with medals.

Winter. As for Summer, with greatcoats. The greatcoat will be worn over the waist-belt and bayonet. Greatcoats will be removed by all ranks before seating and resumed on completion of the service.

Sashes will be worn as follows:

Going to Church -- Over greatcoat and shoulder-strap.
In Church -- Over shoulder-strap, belt and bayonet.
Returning from Church -- Over greatcoat and shoulder-strap.

8.         Full Dress.

(a)        Coloured Clothing. As for Church Parade Order (a), with rifle and sling.

(b)        Khaki. As for Drill Order (a), with medals.


1.         Headdress in each case to be as ordered at the time.
2.         In all orders of dress except Church Parade Order and Walking Out Order equipment will be worn over the greatcoat by warrant officers, non-commissioned officers and men.

II         General Instructions.

1.         Greatcoats, etc.

When greatcoats or waterproof coats are carried but not worn they will be carried over the right arm, neatly folded with buttons or clasps showing.

2.         Puttees.

In service dress, trousers will be worn rolled over the puttees 8 inches below the point of the knee.

3.         Badges.

Warrant Officers, Class I, will wear Officers’ pattern cap-badges.

Cap-badges will be worn with the upper left and upper right points of the star in line with the upper seam of the cap-band.

Collar-badges will be worn by warrant officers, non-commissioned officers and men diagonally across the points of the collar, heads inwards.

Regimental shoulder-badges will be worn by all ranks on the service jacket, and by warrant officers, non-commissioned officers and men on the greatcoat, ½ inch from the bottom of the shoulder strap.